• Frequently Asked Questions







  • What do I need to bring to a session?

    Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can easily remove.

    What does a session look like?

    We begin with a brief intake conversation to identify your needs and goals, and determine what is going on for you and your state of health. After the intake, you remove your shoes and lie, fully-clothed, face-up on the massage table under a blanket. I often begin with a short guided meditation and proceed to perform a series of static holds, which can vary depending on your needs. Typically, I start at the heels and work my way up, addressing the spine and also the cranium. The session usually lasts 45-60 minutes.

    What can I expect during a session?

    People's experiences on the table can vary, but frequently people experience some of the following:

    • relaxation
    • stomach gurgling/salivating (this is a sign of parasympathetic nervous system activation)
    • sleep (if there is any latent tiredness/exhaustion)
    • "electrical" sensations
    • twitches/spontaneous movement
    • dream-like images
    • emotional experiences
    • perceptive shifts
    • shifts in long-standing physiological patterns

    What can I expect after a session?

    Immediately afterwards you will likely feel a greater sense of relaxation and integration, as if your body has become more fluid. You may immediately feel a difference in your posture or gait - usually a greater sense of balance.


    Over the next 24-72 hours you may notice things continue to shift and settle. People have reported feeling significant spontaneous internal shifts days later while driving, or doing other mundane activities. Its recommended in this time that you drink plenty of water (ideally with minerals like magnesium) and prioritize sleep and rest.

    Will my health insurance pay for therapy?

    Health insurance doesn't typically cover "energy therapies", however it may be permitted on some FSA/HSA plans, and I can give you a receipt to submit to your insurance if requested.

    How do I pay for therapy?

    I accept cash, Venmo, Cash App, and personal check.

    Can Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy be performed on children and babies?

    Yes. Because BCST does not involve physical manipulations, but simple touch, it is quit safe to perform on them. Children and babies also tend to respond more quickly to BCST than adults, and it can be quite beneficial for them.