• Individual Sessions

    I offer individual sessions for all ages. For more information on which conditions may benefit from BCST, visit About BCST.

    The introductory session will begin with some forms to be filled out, and a comprehensive intake so that I can better understand your needs. Please allow up to 30 minutes to the ending time for the intake portion.

    Follow-up sessions will include a brief catch-up before the start of the session.


    At this time all individual sessions are 50 minutes. (with the intake potion, the initial appointment may be up to 80 minutes)

    If it becomes clear that a longer session would better meet your therapeutic needs, we may be able to extend the time on any given session 30 additional minutes for $30.

    Teaching Series

    The teaching series is designed primarily for parents/caregivers of children with Strabismus. While, I do offer individual sessions for children with strabismus and other conditions, some families have found it most helpful for parents to provide BCST to their child on a more frequent basis. The teaching series includes:

    - An introductory session with just the parent, including an introduction to some basic BCST holds. 80 minutes

    - A demonstration session with the child, while the parent is present. 50 minutes

    - A supervised teaching session with the parent performing BCST on the child. 50 minutes


    The fee for the entire series is $180.


    By signing up for the teaching series, you will be able to contact me for any questions that may come up regarding BCST. You will also have access to some materials and resources. If you would like to come in for additional teaching sessions you may do so at a reduced fee of $60.