Here's what some people have to say:

    I got one session of BCST from Anya when I was passing through Richmond, and when I returned everybody kept saying how calm and peaceful I seemed. I didn’t know what to expect going into the session, so I was completely surprised to experience so many shifts in my body-mind connection during static holds. It improved everything from a gait difference to a weak eye while also alerting me to some trauma-related cognition issues - in addition to the overall sense of peace that other people even noticed!

    - Pam, Mechanical Engineer

    My PT pelvis therapist kept telling me how to relax, but I had no idea how to really do this in my entire body. With Anya's approach, I have finally felt how to entirely relax my body.

    - Sharon, Retired educator

    I had never received BCST before meeting Anya, and my first experience was remarkable. Over the course of several sessions, Anya heightened my own awareness of our energies interacting, which was tremendously validating and empowering for me. She was very perceptive, attentive, and made me feel comfortable voicing my questions or concerns (which is saying something, because I normally find it hard to speak up as a client). I was also impressed by how deftly she shifted the session when it became too intense for me. You can tell that Anya’s sessions are not driven by ego; she truly just wants to meet you where you are and provide a safe space.

    - Anna, Massage Therapist

    I had 4 sessions with Anya for BCST. They were absolutely amazing! I have been suffering from migraines from a severe concussion from a few years back. Anya was very patient, and a great listener. Her hands are literally a gift from above. If you are interested in trying BCST, Anya is a great choice!

    - Melissa, Front Desk Admin