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    Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle touch therapy. The client lies fully-clothed on a massage table, while the therapist holds relevant points of contact on the body in a sustained fashion. It works on the same principle of how babies build their nervous systems through coregulation with their mothers. BCST cultivates a parasympathetic "rest and digest" state, and allows the body to engage its inherent, self-corrective mechanisms to resolve patterns of restriction and recalibrate imbalances in physiological function. Recipients of BCST tend to report a greater sense of wellbeing and ease after their sessions.

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    My main office is located in the therapy offices down the block from the Seven Stars bakery.
    340 Broadway St, #5
    Providence RI 02909.




    I accept payment from you directly in the form of cash, check, or private Venmo. My current fee is $80. At the time of the first session, I will give you a treatment plan which typically will be 1-8 sessions (sometimes ongoing), depending on your goals and needs.


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    340 Broadway St, #5
    Providence RI 02909
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    Sunday (afternoon/evenings)
    Monday (all day)
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